Now enrolling clinical trials in the world’s first gene therapy treatment for the elimination of lung cancer.

The CRISPR Rejuvenation Trials

in Lung Cancer Elimination

Since late 2016, Chinese and American researchers have engaged in cutting-edge clinical research that has confirmed the safety and efficacy of reprogramming the human immune response to eradicate lung cancer. Using guided molecular editing enzymes, PD-1 – the protein that prevents the human immune system from using its full power to fight off terminal cancers – can be disabled.

Normally, cancer cells take advantage of the role PD-1 plays, using it as an opportunity to spread uncontrollably throughout the body.

Once freed of PD-1’s limitations, the patient can receive what they need most – infusions of new and highly-optimized T-cells that act as the front-line offensive needed to eliminate the presence of cancer entirely.

Trials are now open for 50 individuals seeking a cure and non-remission for non-small cell lung cancer  Though the trial is open to all individuals experiencing lung cancer of any form, patients who are experiencing non-small cell lung cancer, and who have a failed history of treatment through traditional methods such as chemotherapy, are preferred.